Powered by Pinpoint

This page, documents alphabetical list of organizations using Pinpoint.

Sites using Pinpoint

  1. Coupang (www.coupang.com)
  2. Echemi (https://www.echemi.com)
  3. NAVER (www.naver.com)
  4. NHN Entertainment
  5. Pikicast (www.pikicast.com)
  6. SKPlanet(www.skplanet.com)
  7. XLGAMES (http://www.xlgames.com)
  8. Toss (https://toss.im/)

Naver Co., Ltd. uses Pinpoint as primary APM. Monitoring 2k+ applications with 10k+ instances. Supports 870k+ tps with only 17 Pinpoint-Collectors. Around 70 billion span chunks are collected per day. Which is equivalent to 10 billion transaction.